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Quick Hits: More Re-Alignment Talk

We'll fit right in with the Southeast Division.  Our mascot is already an octopus!
We'll fit right in with the Southeast Division. Our mascot is already an octopus!
  • Just one more reminder that tonight's game has changed times.  I will see you all in the Game Thread at 8PM as we hunt some Canucks.
  • The Wings have recalled Brendan Smith again.  He is expected to serve at least another two games of his suspension this time around.  Mike Commodore is still not ready to play, so I assume Smith will be be with the team for each game Commie can't play in. [MLive]
  • Wyshynski is far from happy with the Bob McKenzie tweet that said we would simply swap divisions with the Jets next season, and it seems to me that most of the media is the same way. The NHL is in desperate need of a complete overhaul and "taking the easy way out" (the technical term, according to Wysh) is not going to solve even a tenth of the schedule issues the NHL has. [Puck Daddy]
  • Interestingly enough, though, the Wings are offering a concession that would keep the Western Conference happy and leave us with teams in our division that are at least geographically close: treat the west coast trips like they would for a Eastern Conference team.  One trip each to California and Western Canada a season instead of two.  Interesting, but I am still pulling to be either in the Atlantic or Northeast (or to abandon this format altogther...). [Puck Daddy]
  • The Wings are sick of practicing and are eager to play another game. I agree. Let's get this mini-off-season over with already. [Detroit Free Press]
  • NOHS says that Michiganders don't care about the Wings. It's only game three of the season, guys.  People will start caring once the Tigers lose another game 7-3 in extra innings, I'm sure.  UPDATE: As pointed out in the comment, NOHS isn't of that opinion and is simply reposting a Sports Illustrated article. Sorry for any confusion. [Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • TPL is (amusingly) happy that we no longer have Sean Avery.  Have to say that I agree with them. [The Production Line]
  • Ok look, the mayor of Edmonton is in discussions to get a new arena built for the Oilers.  Now if only Detroit had some hockey team in desperate need of a new arena... [TSN]
  • The Dallas Stars fixed their salary floor issues yesterday by acquiring Eric Nystrom from the Minnesota WildThe $700k Nystrom cap-hit is a damn good grab for them to get back over the floor. Nystrom's $1.4 million cap hit will keep them over the salary floor for the foreseeable future. [Defending Big D]
  • This just in: Jeremy Roenick opened his mouth on live tv and is now regretting it.  Never thought I would see the day.  [YouTube]
  • Continuing their Tactics series, Copper and Blue details Puck Pursuits and Angles fairly well. [Copper and Blue]
  • Bruce Boudreau should know by now that his job is far from being secure and criticizing your franchise player publicly is probably not a healthy career choice. [NBC Sports]
  • Second City Hockey has a mildly entertaining letter from 'Stan Bowman.' [Second City Hockey]
  • Should Senators fans boo Sergei Gonchar?  We do, so why not join the good guys? [Silver Seven]
  • Arctic Ice Hockey has figured out how much a win in the NHL costs. Hint: it's more than you'll ever see in your bank account. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Discussion of the Day: If you read the TPL article on Sean Avery, Discher points out that we have an odd sort of attachment to our prospects and reject projects, even going so far as to link that statement to Jeff's Twitter.  So my question for you is this: which Wings prospects and reject projects have you grown to be the most attached with? Doesn't have to be current, so Chris Chelios is fair game.