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X Ways to Survive Waking Up Late

When I wake up in the morning

And the 'larm gives out a warning

And I don't think I'll ever make it on time.

By the time I grab my books,

And I give myself a look

I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by.

But it's all right because Jimmy's Saved By The Horn.

Follow me after the jump for your buzzer friendly X Ways.

I - I know goaltender's will talk to their posts and give them a little rub when a puck rings off one and stays out. But how is Jimmy supposed to get up to the clock so he can give it a little kiss?

II - Schneider wants both those goals back, but can't really hang any game on a goalie when the forwards fail to score any.

III - I really enjoy games like this. We didn't have to worry about the 'Nucks gooning it up because they were losing. Just their fans.

IV - I hope I'm not the only one that noticed the garbage in the NHL 12 commercial during the first period. Let's just say, it involved a #7 Chelios SHARKS jersey.

V - Wasn't it nice to not be the team on the back end of back-to-back games?

VI - Only Mr. Magician would try a full speed spin-o-rama to beat 3 defenders. And the only reason it didn't work, is because they tripped him.

VII - 82 GA for the season? YES PLEASE. #insaneextrapolations

VIII - Not sure what Bert was complaining about. You just can't throw a body check while racing for the puck.

IX - Each game, I'm liking the choices of Peters and Blashill more and more. The new commitment to back checking is really showing.

X - Natural Cycle, FTW!!!!

Next Up - @Minnesota Wild, -next Wednesday- Saturday at 8pm. And I don't think they'll adjust the start time so we can watch the Tigers.