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Saturday Time-Killin' Quick Hits for a Busy Sports Saturday

Let's start things off with the non-hockey stuff:

What will it take for the Tigers to come back to win the ALCS? - Bless You Boys
I'm not sure what to expect in tonight's game thread, as the Wings' game starts at the same time the Tigers will be batting to start game 6 of an ALCS series where they're fighting for their lives. The fine fellas at Bless You Boys have a list of keys for what the Tigers will need to win the next two games and complete the comeback.

Michigan Vs. Michigan State TV Schedule, Spread, Game Time And More -
Michigan and Michigan State face off for state dominance in the 104th meeting ever between the two schools. This game starts in ...oh.. about now. I don't have a dog (or a wolverine, or a spartan) in this fight, but for some reason, I always find myself rooting for State, so there.

On to Red Wings stuff:

White's Warriors - Detroit Red Wings - News
If you missed this from SlapshotGoal in the FanShots yesterday, here's Bill Roose's piece on White's Warriors, a foundation started by Ian White to give back to both Canadian and U.S. troops for their service.

TP:60 – October 14 (updated!) " The Production Line - TP:60
TPL's podcast is back this season with their first episode since the break. The boys discuss realignment, the Tigers, Maybe the Red Wings, and a TPL contest which could land you on the show next week. Give it a listen.

Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle: Caption Fridays Volume Two...
We've put our WIIM caption contests on hold since the start of the season, butt hat doesn't mean there are no Wings-related pics to share your wit about. SSDD has you covered with a good one this week. I'm sure you folks won't have any problems coming up with something good for her pic.

Everywhere Else:

Still a Mess in Phoenix : KuklasKorner
I clipped Kuklas piece on this article, because I don't want to run any more traffic to the site that hosts the whole article than I have to. Gary Lawless from the Winnipeg Free Press has penned another in a series of articles which has been making the Manitoba press corps look like a bunch of jingoistic sore winners. I didn't care about the Jets before all this crap started coming out, but I'm actively starting to hate them now.

NHL Realignment: Hockey Should Look To NFL, MLB Model To Solve Problems -
The NHL will likely announce realignment in December. In order to solve travel and economic imbalance, the league should shift to a model that mirrors the NFL and MLB. Derek Zona with a good writeup on the topic.

Watch: The shocking new feature at the St. Pete Times Forum - Raw Charge
The Lightning want to install Tesla Coils in their arena to liven things up. This is perhaps the most important arena feature since they decided bathrooms were a must. I don't care what you think, Tesla Coils are freaking cool.

Rick DiPietro out with a concussion, will miss next injury - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
This is getting sad. By all accounts, DiPietro is a good guy. He's fought since the first injury to stay in shape, to get back to playing hockey, and to live up to his contract.

Video: Jason Blake stepped on by Brent Burns, suffers "severe" cut - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Brutal accident when you realize that Brent Burns weighs 220 pounds and most of that weight found itself focused on a knife's edge on top of Jason Blake's forearm. Remember when Chris Pronger got suspended 8 games for doing something like this on purpose? Yeah, this is why.