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Quick Hits: Staring Down At Inferior Competition Edition

  • Anyone up for ignoring Michigan teams not named the Red Wings or Spartans after this past weekend?  Yes?  Good.
  • Fabian Brunnstrom continues to keep saying all the right things.  He's not playing right now — thanks mostly to the fantastic play of Cory Emmerton — but is apparently happy just to still be in the NHL.  Ken Holland sure knows how to pick them, doesn't he? [Detroit Free Press]
  • File this one under the painfully obvious category.  Apparently the Wings like the potential of Three Kids and a Goat 3.0. [MLive]
  • Helene St. James writes that Ian White is continuing to show that he was an absolutely terrific signing, and even throws in a dig at James Wisniewski.  Bless her. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Puck Buddys has an interesting article detailing how Jeff Adams has continued to cover and follow the Red Wings, despite having moved from Michigan more than thirty years ago.  He's not alone in covering from afar; JJ, Graham, and Casey all do it as well. [Puck Buddys]
  • This is right up JJ's alley — Jewels From the Crown has their first Points-Blown standings which look at what the standings would be if a team had not surrendered any points.  As expected (given that they have earned every point possible), the Wings are right at the top. [Jewels From the Crown]
  • Stu Grimson, Chris Nilan, and Jim Thomson won't sue Don Cherry for his slanderous comments on Hockey Night In Canada.  In other news, Cherry will continue being an absolute idiot on-air while most of Canada calls him a national treasure. [Puck Daddy]
  • Evgeni Nabokov won in his first game as an Islander.  You know.  The team he swore he would never play a single game with. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • That was fast.  Injury has already struck the Blue Jackets new star, Jeff Carter, who is questionable for their next game with a hairline fracture in his foot. [The Cannon]
  • Drew Doughty got absolutely destroyed by Zac Rinaldo this weekend and was subsequently placed on injured reserve, though the Kings promise that it is not a concussion. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jason Blake, who was cut Friday in a scene eerily reminiscent of Mike Modano's wrist laceration last year, is out for three months with the cut. [Puck Daddy]
  • Puck the Media writes that NBC Sports stands to gain a lot from the constant re-alignment of the NCAA conferences, especially with the recently announced 22-team-merger of the Mountain West and Conference USA conferences. [Puck The Media]
  • The Kyle Turris saga continues with reports saying he could be heading to New Jersey (where someone will hopefully tell him to not go under the pier), or at least that the Devils are likely interested (yay for idle speculation!). [The Hockey News]
  • NBC Sports believes that Tomas Vokoun is adjusting to having a better defense in front of him.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, guys.  Actually playing defensemen does not mean your defense is better. [Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports (get a better blog name, damnit)]

Discussion of the Day: The Hockey News article about Kyle Turris had a bit on teams that are looking for a top defender and, as always, the Wings were listed due to the omnipresent Lidstrom retirement.  However, they also said that the Leafs, Flyers, and Blues will be in the hunt as well.  Will finding a top defender next summer (or the one after... or in ten years.  Please don't go, TPH) be harder than we thought due to the competition? And besides every defender from the Predators, who do you think would look good in the Winged Wheel? Idly speculate in the comments!