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Quick Hits: Insert Clever And/Or Informative Title Here

  • Did you get a pizza from Little Caesar's in Plymouth yesterday?  Or groceries from Kroger in Birmingham?  You may have eaten pizza that Nicklas Lidstrom and Valtteri Filppula helped make or gotten your groceries bagged by Jakub Kindl and Cory Emmerton. [Detroit Free Press]
  • This is truly one of the most ambitious DIY Wings crafts I have ever seen.  Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle put together a huge blanket made entirely from Red Wings t-shirts on the one side and Tigers t-shirts on the other.  It is glorious.  (I feel there should be a "You're my boy!" right here...) [Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle]
  • TPL interviewed YouTube sensation and recent Red Wings draft pick Tomas Jurco. [The Production Line]
  • The Fake Henrik Zetterberg site is up active and a teaser of their season of web videos along with it. Looks like the season premiers a week from today.  Now if only @NotPavelDatsyuk could somehow be involved... [Fake Henrik Zetterberg]
  • Rory Boylen writes about a bunch of standard predictions already being laughed at, including the notion that the Wings are too old and the Sharks are good. [The Hockey News]
  • Trades? Already? You betcha.  Names that are on the market are slowly starting to trickle out and they include, Rene Bourque, Tuomo Ruutu, Cory Schneider, Niklas Hagman, and Matt Stajan.  It would also appear that Columbus is willing to trade just about anyone outside of their main core once Jeff Carter comes back from injury and that Tampa Bay is in the market for defense. [NBC - ESPN]
  • Raw Charge is sitting each of the Tampa Bay Lightning players down and having a good chat with them about their play so far, which has been disappointing to say the least. [Raw Charge]
  • Kris Letang got two games for boarding Alex Burmistrov as well as a nice explanation of why from Shanny.  Despite this, I still think this one was a little harsh.  Though it does hurt the Penguins unbelievably.  Sidney Crosby and Tim Kennedy remain out, Evgeni Malkin and Brooks Orpik sat out last game with injuries, and now Kris Letang is out for two games. Sounds like us in February last year. [Pensburgh]
  • I am beginning to think that JJ needs to partner with the guys from Arctic Ice Hockey.  Their stat and play analysis is unbelievably good and yesterdays 'Impact of Winning an Offensive Faceoff' is no different. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Can it really be called a fight when you can't reach your opponent's chest?  I don't think so.  Zdeno Chara fought last night which is always a great watch, and this one even had a backup goalie skating the length of the ice to try and fight the other goalie before getting charmed into not fighting.  Stupid Cam Ward. [NBC]
  • Wow.  It appears that Winter Classic tickets this year won't go on sale to the public, not even in a lottery-type format.  [Broad Street Hockey]

Discussion of the Day: Take a look at standings and look at the teams that are struggling early on.  What do you believe is the reason for their struggles and how can they fix it?  Do they just need time to mesh or are there flaws in the team?