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Quick Hits: Dream Team Edition

  • As Rob Discher points out, we love superteams failing.  We love it when the predicted winner loses.  The Canucks. The Miami Heat. The New York Yankees.  Discher has noticed that the teams unanimously chosen to win often do not manage to do so and points out that few have chosen the Wings to win.  Good omen? Only time will tell. [The Production Line]
  • Babcock has a long list of positives this season, the schedule is not among them.  He does all but say "TOLD YOU SO!" in regards to Jonathan Ericsson, though, and I am having trouble disagreeing that Ericsson hasn't looked better than he did last season. [MLive]
  • The writing may be on the wall for Thomas McCollum.  The Wings signed prospect Petr Mrazek to a 3 year deal last night that will kick in next year and with McCollum's contract over at the end of the season, we may be ready to cut ties with him.  Our top goalie prospect once Jimmy Howard took over and Daniel Larsson went overseas, McCollum has not improved the way we would have hoped and seemingly lost his 'top' status to Jordan Pearce and has looked lost in the NHL games he has played. [The Production Line]
  • Is Ian White better than Brian Rafalski?  Detroit Hockey Report seems to think so, but NOHS is hesitant to agree.  I side closer to NOHS than DHR here.  White is good, he's far better than I think anyone expected or hoped — most of us had him on the third pairing —, but he has his downsides.  Like NOHS pointed out, Raffi's life was the powerplay and White seems lost out there.  [Detroit Hockey Report - Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • WGR550 writes that Ville Leino is finding his place in Buffalo.  It's too bad he never found it here. [WGR550]
  • Puck the Media has a list of their top choices for guest analysts on NBC/Versus's NHL Overtime and Mike Modano leads the pack.  Personally, I say we take JJ's suggestions from Twitter yesterday and throw Charles Barkley a bone — or a whole skeleton; he is not small — and let him commentate on some NHL stuff until the NBA returns.  Got that image in your head now?  Good.  You can suffer with me. [Puck the Media]
  • It would seem that Pierre LeBrun has not tasted the kool-aid that his TSN brethren have in regards to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins as he is only listed third on his Top Calder Candidates list. [ESPN]
  • Do NHL teams have to give back to the community?  I don't think so, but it is good PR. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • Here's an interesting thought: is it correct to refer to your team as "we" despite not having any part in the organization?  I think it is, but I, of course, do it. [Edmonton Journal]
  • This is actually a pretty cool idea.  Anaheim Calling has put together the 'All Former Ducks Team.'  The defense and goalie situation is actually better than their current lineup, too. [Anaheim Calling]

Discussion of the Day: Let's do what Anaheim Calling did — what is the 'All-Former Wings Team'?  Active players in the NHL only, here, so no Stevie Y or Shanny or Fedorov.