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Weekend Time Wasting: Tonight we Dine in (Washington)!

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Hi! You want links?

About Last Night:

Jackets an elixir for Wings power play | BlueJackets Xtra
Shawn Mitchell at the Columbus Dispatch is... well... he's not pleased with the Blue Jackets' play so far this season and he shows it by dropping some pretty impressive snark in the opening paragraphs.

Post Game Thoughts vs Columbus | Nighmare on Helm Street
Ryan from NOHS with his postgame thoughts.

Game 7 Recap: Oh, What Could Have Been - The Cannon
Recap of last night's game from SB Nation's Jackets blog. From their perspective, the Jackets stayed in the game pretty well, but ultimately shot themselves in the foot. It's hard to disagree with that.

Post-Game… courtesy of Tyler (get the popcorn) " The Production Line - TP:60
Tyler, formerly of The Triple Deke and the inventor of the only way to avoid sounding like a sarcastic dick in text speech (aLOL) wrote the game recap for TPL. As always, his stuff is hilarious.

To the Future!

Wings Over DC | Puck Buddys
Puck Buddys has a writeup on tonight's Wings/Caps game and what he's seen out of the Wings so far this season.

Sports Ilustrated: Red Wings-Capitals a great showdown
Stu Hackel is looking forward to the showdown of the undefeated teams.

Saturday Caps Clips: Wings @ Caps Game Day - Japers' Rink
Assorted pregame goodies from Japers' Rink.

Everything Else:

Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle: Caption Fridays Volume Three...
More caption contest goodness from SSDD.

Farnsworth "Brunnstrom!" Tshirt by ByJenniferLeigh
Lots of folks asked for this when community member Josh Howard gave us this gem in the preseason. It combines all the things we love at WIIM: The Red Wings, reclamation projects, and Futurama. Give it a look.

As they put it "Ben's Grandpa returns to defend Sportsnet's illuminary Mark Spector in his crusade against Danes, Swedes, and the Vancouver Canucks"

Canuck Alternate Hat-tricks - Nucks Misconduct
We are going to be stealing this idea in the near future.