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Wings Celebrate Lidstrom's 1500th Game with 1 Goal Against for Each of his Norris Trophies.

Well that game was awful. As if listening to Joe Beninati and Chewbacca's inbred cousin weren't bad enough on the night, the Red Wings played just about as awfully as a hockey team could perform. Now they get to take that embarrassment into Columbus on Tuesday and see if they can't take out the frustration caused by this game on a Blue Jacket's squad that is 0-for-8 on the season.

Let's try to get the silver linings out of the way early so I can just spend all of my bullets after the jump bitching:

So... regardless of the outcome, 1,500 games for Lidstrom is damned impressive. On top of that, Lidstrom actually had a decent game.

We no longer have to worry about people saying that Jonathan Ericsson's plus/minus is scary.

At least that game is now over.

Ok, now let's get to the rest of it.

  • Ty Conklin played awfully. That's a .720 saves percentage. His defense played pretty terribly in front of him, but the Caps' fourth goal was weak and it was horribly deflating. Nobody was doing his job right to that point. In the same way a big save can turn momentum, weakly crapping the puck to Mathieu Perreault to tap it in can do the same. The Wings were knocking pretty heavily on the door to that point and there was a feeling that a lucky break could have made the game go differently. Well, the lucky break was the Caps' fourth goal and they just piled it on from there.
  • I was looking forward to Fabian Brunnstrom's regular season debut. In a way, I still am.  It's unfair to expect a fourth liner to set the tone for your club, but I don't think it's unfair to expect that he not suck. Really though, the entire Wings' fourth line struggled against the Capitals' bottom guys.
  • Players with 0 shots on goal for Detroit: Eaves, Brunnstrom, Franzen, Helm, Hudler.
  • Babcock is going to get flak for playing his starter on Friday against Columbus and going to his backup against the real contender. I don't think he made a mistake. Conklin should be able to win a game against whichever team he plays. The Wings had enough time off that they were playing job fair by Wednesday. For the head coach to tell the team that the first game back after such a long break against a division rival isn't important enough to put in your starter, it's the perfect recipe for falling into a trap game. The Caps were going to be dangerous regardless.
  • 7 goals against in 5 games was very impressive.  The good thing is that 14 goals against in 6 games is still pretty good. Let's just forget about this one.  No player of the game in this one (also, to catch up, Franzen was the PoTG against Columbus).