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Mike Chen's RotoRob Review of the PlayStation 3 GameCenter App

A lot of people have been asking about whether the GameCenter application for the PS3 is something that's worth a hockey fan's time and investment. While I've heard plenty about the way the online interface works for PC-based GameCenter subscribers, the discussion about whether that ported well to the PlayStation eluded me. Thankfully former SB Nation writer Mike Chen has a review of the app up on RotoRob.

The NHL GameCenter app for PS3 is part highlight machine, part Center Ice package, and part video archive. Is it worth your while? The short answer for any sports fan is yes, and for any hockey fan is absolutely.

In his writeup, Chen goes over the pros and cons of using the streaming-based service, how it compares to having a Center Ice subscription, how well it works on the PlayStation, how good the selection is for subscribers, what free features are available, and most importantly the video quality of the streaming feeds. It's a fair look at the product and a good comparison to the other options available. If you're still undecided or just curious, I recommend heading over there to give it a read.