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X Reasons Weekends Are Too Short

What happened to lazy weekends?  They used to take forever, now it feels like I just left work yesterday evening and I'm already back.

The Wings had a nice lazy weekend though, even after not playing for the week prior.  They got their powerplay figured out against a downright BAD Columbus team, and then forgot everything else on Saturday against a not-so-downright-bad Capitals team.  Though, that's kinda how Vancouver looked when they came into our building a couple months weeks ago.  But they had played Philadelphia, not COLUMBUS!!!


Follow me after the jump for a combined weekend X Reasons.


I - So who else switched to MSU/Wisconsin at the end of the second?

II - Caught a bit during the pregame Friday regarding scheduling.  Apparently, Ken Holland is at least partially to blame for the scheduling issues.  They are trying to avoid scheduling conflicts with Mr. I's other sporting interest, so only give the league a handful of available home dates in October.  Still doesn't explain why we couldn't play a road game earlier in the week, but it's not all the leagues fault.

III - Rule 43: Checking From Behind.  There is no minor penalty for this, and I don't think Rick Nash's hit on Friday deserved 5 minutes, but his hit on Kronwall (?) was definitely pushing the grey area for checking from behind. 

IV - Puck Luck.  We had NONE on Saturday.

V - I'm really liking what Blashill has done with the power play.  Took a little while for it start producing, but it seems to allow for a little bit more creativity out of the players.

VI - Was glad to see some feistiness from the Wings on Friday.  Big Rig getting into an at least entertaining fight (and not pulling a Lilja in the process), Hudler standing up to Rick Nash and then Todd Bertuzzi taking exception to Kris Russell doing his best Matt Cooke impression.  Bert was not impressed.

VII - The number of goals we gave up on Saturday.  Absolutely unforgivable.

VIII - Was it just me, or did Conklin look like he was hurting on Saturday?  Maybe it's just the way he reacts to goals he thinks he should have had, but on several of them it looked like he was gathering himself before getting up again.

IX - It's going to be a long season for Chris Mason Steve Mason.  As a goalie myself, I feel sorry for him.

X -  If we spend the season losing only every 6th game, I think I can live with that.


Next up: @Columbus, 7pm on Friday Tuesday.  (Tuesday?  Are we sure the schedulers got this one right?)