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Quick Hits: More Visor Chat and TSN's Favorite Rookie

Now, this is the story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down...
Now, this is the story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down...
  • I neither saw the game nor want to talk about it, so here are some recaps. [Detroit Free Press - Yahoo! - MLive - The Production Line]
  • The Wings were asked about visors last night and it seems like players are in favor of it being by choice, and I am not surprised (nor do I think they are wrong to think that).  [Detroit Free Press]
  • For those of you curious, it looks like Todd Bertuzzi, Tomas Holmstrom, Johan Franzen, Ian White, Mike Commodore, and Jonathan Ericsson are the only Red Wings who do not wear a visor. Anyone else? [@bradonweb]
  • This is kind of interesting: a food blog is ranking NHL teams by how good their food and drink is.  They posted numbers #10–5 yesterday and the Red Wings rank in at #8. [Food Republic]
  • JJ announced yet another upgrade to Hockey CSSI yesterday: you can now view events by time elapsed. [Hockey CSSI]
  • I didn't expect to see this one when I woke up: Copper & Blue has apparently forgotten to drink the kool-aid because they think that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, first overall pick by the Oilers and one of the most successful players of the young season, should be sent back down the Red Deer Rebels of the WHL.  I'm personally on the fence.  While it would be great to put him through the system (I subscribe fully to the Wings philosophy of over-ripening players), the Oilers need him now and he is definitely ready for the NHL.  I don't think the Oilers can make the wrong decision with him at this point.  They could even trade him to the Wings for a dollar and a bag of pucks and I would not say that made the wrong decision. [Copper & Blue]
  • Allan Walsh, one of the few agents anyone actually knows, is throwing a hissy fit over a fake Roman Polak account and saying he has reported the user to the his ISP and the authorities (sidenote: there is no way he could have figured out his ISP without asking Twitter, which would have to break its privacy policy to provide such information, so Walsh is full of shit).  So, naturally as this is the internet, another fake Roman Polak account sprung up as did a fake Allan Walsh account. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • Next summer's draft will be held in Pittsburgh at the Penguins beautiful new arena, the Consol Energy Center. [Pittsburgh Live]
  • SI says that the Canucks are still the best hope for a Stanley Cup in Canada, something that has been absent from the country since 1993 when Guy Carbonneau, Denis Savard, and Patrick Roy won it all in Montreal. In other news, the Canucks were down 3-0 at one point last night to the Oilers who I hear have already called dibs on the first overall pick. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Paul Holmgren, GM of the Flyers, says Pronger is likely out 10-14 days after the stick to the face on Monday night. [ESPN]
  • TSN has a good article up in regards to the mandatory visor versus player choice debate. [TSN]

Discussion of the Day: Last week, I asked you to put together the "All Former Red Wings Team," made up entirely of good players who we did not hold onto.  It was difficult because, as was the consensus, the Wings have made it a habit of holding onto their talent.  Today, I want the opposite.  Give me the worst possible team made from the worst possible former Red Wings still playing in the NHL.