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Quick Hits: More and More Goalie Controversies

  • Yesterday was supposed to be a day off for the Red Wings, but Mike Babcock called a practice in response to their play on Tuesday. Hopefully this will wake some of ours guys up before we play San Jose. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Jan Mursak had his cast taken off yesterday. He is still quite a ways away from returning, however, as he won't be cleared to wear skates for another six weeks. [Red Wings Fronts]
  • Mike Modano is... a little odd without hockey. [NBC Sports]
  • NOHS is holding a Red Wings costume contest for Halloween. If you enter, be sure to post a picture on here. We'd love to see. [Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • Senators rookie sensation Mika Zibanejad has been sent back to Sweden for the year and ruined one of Jeff's bold prediction. [Silver Seven]
  • In a surprise move, the Canadiens fired assistant coach Perry Pearn yesterday. Why he was fired instead of head coach Jacques Martin is a mystery. Don't expect Pearn to be jobless for long, though, many have him pegged as the assistant coach most likely to get a head coaching job. [ESPN]
  • The city of Edmonton approved a monstrous new arena deal for the Oilers yesterday that makes the team, at least in one way, better than the Islanders. Congratulations! [NBC Sports]
  • Looks like Drew Doughty should return either tonight or Saturday; he's been cleared for full practice. [LA Kings Insider]
  • Anaheim Calling believes their team is the deepest since '09. I don't see it. They still have one great defenseman, two average defensemen, and 3 sub-par defensemen. That isn't very much depth in my eyes, especially when you are trying to compare it to a team that had both Scott Neidermayer and Chris Pronger.
  • Not to upstage Roberto Luongo, who is on his way to a Patrick Roy exit from Vancouver, Jaroslav Halak is having a similar problem with his backup, Brian Elliott of all people, in St. Louis and is great danger of losing his starting position. Elliott might be a good pickup for your fantasy team. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Winter Classic alumni game may be more interesting than the big game itself. Eric Lindros confirmed yesterday that he will lace up and play, all but confirming the legendary Legion of Doom will play together once more. [Broadstreet Hockey]

Discussion of the Day: Which former Red Wings line would you like to see reunited for an event like the Winter Classic alumni game? (hint: the correct answer is The Russian Five with Sergei Fedorov on defense and Pavel Datsyuk taking his place as a forward)