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Quick Hits: Tiberius Jr. and the On-Going Goalie Crisis

  • Hey, look, only three days between games this time around.  We play the Sharks tonight and Babcock is breaking up our dream line.  Yes, Two Kids and a Goat 3.0 will play apart for the first time this season because Babcock was not impressed with Patrick Eaves and Tomas Holmstrom on the same line.  Emmerton and Brunnstrom will sit. [Red Wings Front - MLive]
  • Less than a week old, little Tiberius watched his first Red Wings game with his father.  I think Ty Conklin may have ensured the little one does not follow in his father's footsteps as a goalie, however. [Detroit Free Press]
  • NOHS looks at and tries to determine why Henrik Zetterberg is struggling.  My guess?  Preoccupied with his desk job. [Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • Ty Conklin has gotten his fair share of criticism after his last two starts.  A lot of it is warranted and, frankly, a lot of it has come from me (I do remember asking if he "shat the bed" against Columbus), but the Wizard of Os defends him and makes me wonder if I have been unfair. [Wizard of Os]
  • With the single greatest explanation of a soft goal ever, Carey Price "Bill Bucknered" a faceoff draw and allowed his own teammates faceoff win to go into the net.  Now, that is just the kind of season that Montreal is having and I can't really blame something like this on the goalie — it does happen a few times a year — but saying he "just Bill Bucknered" the puck while playing the Bruins is hilarious.  Price got a load of respect from me for that. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kyle Turris has apparently asked for a trade (and may or may not have done so at the beginning of negotiations) and Coyotes GM Don Maloney says he will not trade Turris under any circumstances.  As you may have seen on Twitter, I am a huge fan of this move; in the words of the Winkelvii, "Let's gut the friggin' nerd." [TSN]
  • Inspired by a recent writer proposing they trade Roberto Luongo to the Lightning for Vincent Lecavlier, Nucks Misconduct thinks they should trade Luongo for St. Louis instead.  If you said that with a French accent, you would be wrong. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Anaheim Calling confuses me. Just yesterday I posted a link to an article where they call this year's Ducks the deepest the team has been since they had Chris Pronger and Scott Neidermayer. Now, they are trying to analyze their defense and a "growing problem" of letting goals go in while on the ice. Make up your minds, guys. [Anaheim Calling]
  • I'm going to call it right now: there is another goalie controversy brewing. If you remember the previously reported list, Vancouver, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Toronto, Columbus, and even Detroit have had issues with their goalie tandem, mainly one of their goalies not being up to par.  I think it might be safe to re-add the Flyers to the list as Ilya Bryzgalov had a .600 GAA and Sergei Bobrovsky had a .666 GAA against the Jets.  Yes, the Flyers allowed the Jets to score 9 goals. [Broadstreet Hockey]

Discussion of the Day: Let's stick with the goalie issue.  There are countless fans unhappy with their current goalie situation.  As I mentioned above, between 1/6 and 1/3 of the teams seem to have this issue right now.  Will this issue resolve itself? Will we see a load of trades happening to try and fix this?  Can you think of any ways any of these teams can solve their issues?  Sound off in the comments and come up with your best solution of Roberto Luongo.