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Quick Hits: The Ducks Are Upset and the Hockey Gods Are Cruel

  • The Scrappy Octopus has a pretty good article on what it means to wear the Winged Wheel. [Scrappy Octopus]
  • If you're interested, Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle has a photo caption contest up with a picture of Justin Abdelkdar pu...or getting a new... I'll just let you decide for yourself what the hell he is doing. [Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle]
  • Tomas Holmstrom, who had a very nice goal waived off on Friday, believes that disallowed goals should be reviewable and I can see why — the man would be in Jaromir Jagr range if they were. [MLive]
  • Speaking of Jaromir Jagr, he had another 2 goal night on Saturday and has moved within 50 goals of one of the greatest milestones in sports: 700 goals. Who here sees him hitting it? [Broad Street Hockey]
  • NBC Sports has a recap of a realignment plan that CBC reported over the weekend. This plan is drastically different than any of the other plans being discussed and is apparently "gaining steam." The plan is a 4 division, 2 conference layout with 1 home and 1 away game against each team outside the division and the rest of your games played within the division. The first two rounds of the playoffs would also be divisional opponents only. The amount of divisional play would likely lead to a resurgence in divisional rivalries and, generally, a more exciting season. The Board of Governors will vote on realignment at the league meeting in December. [NBC Sports]
  • Expect the Blue Jackets, owners of a beautiful 2-9-1 record, to start with a clean managerial slate today. NBC reports the Jackets are expected to fire their entire coaching and front office staffs today and the likely replacement for behind-the-bench is a familiar face in Columbus: Ken Hitchcock. [NBC Sports]
  • Arctic Ice Hockey wonders how useful +/- is. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • We haven't even played the Ducks yet and they are already getting on my nerves. The team is up in arms over the Francois Beauchemin suspension with everyone from the coach to lowly donut man commenting on the injustice being done to them. Now Ryan Getzlaf is stepping up and saying that Jordin Tootoo shouldn't be allowed int he league. Yes, you read that right, he's trying to support his suspended teammate by saying the teammate of the person Beuachemin hit should not be on the ice. Getzlaf needs to take a class on logical reasoning. [OC Register]
  • Pension Plan Puppets looks at the Leafs defensive strategy of 'fronting' which is apparently less successful than anyone believes. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Joe Nieuwendyk is heading to the Hall of Fame and the Stars honored him with a very well-done ceremony. [Defending Big D]
  • The Hockey Gods are cruel. The man who we had hoped would be our backup for the foreseeable future, Evgeni Nabokov, is quietly have a great season in Long Island. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Sean Avery will be placed on re-entry waivers today. Odds he gets picked up? About as good as the Wings sending Pavel Datsyuk through waivers. [Blue Shirt Banter]

Discussion of the Day: What do you think of this latest realignment plan?