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X Ways to Look Like the Lions

Hey, can I borrow your helmet?  Paul's still working on mine.
Hey, can I borrow your helmet? Paul's still working on mine.

The offseason is thankfully over.

Training camp is over.

Preseason is over.

It's time for real meaningful hockey.

Follow after the jump for the first meaningful X Ways in about 4 months.

I - A very classy move by the Wings to honor Brad McCrimmon that way.   It brought a tear to my eye watching his son put the jersey on.

II - I don't think you can blame any of these goals on Anderson.  I've seen laundry hung out to dry less than he was.

III - Kinda surprised that Don Cherry has quit working for CBC so that he could wear #11 and play forward for us. 

IV - Happy showing some backhand skills.

V - There was Nick's one goal for the season from inside the top of the circles.

VI - Apparently, the linesmen didn't spend the offseason learning how to drop the damn puck.

VII - Sergei Gonchar makes Dustin Byfugly look like a legitimate Norris contender.

VIII - 8 goals scored, and none the fault of the goaltenders.  Won't see that too often.

IX - Through 2 periods, the Wings were just out hustling, out working and just flat out out playing the Senators.

X - An October with meaningful Lions, Tigers and Red Wings games?  YES PLEASE!!!


Up next: @Colorado State Diving Team, 9pm Saturday.  Which will be DVRd so I can watch game 1 of the ALCS