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Jive with the Dive: Wings/Avs Game Thread

Colorado Avalanche
(0-0-0 0 Points)

Game #2

Detroit Red Wings
(1-0-0 2 Points)
Arena: Pepsi Center --Denver, CO
Starting goalie: Semyon Varlamov
Starting goalie: Ty Conklin
0-0-0 0.00 GAA
0-0-0 0.00 GAA
SBN Blog: Mile High Hockey Last meeting: N/A

9:00 PM


Fresh off jumping out to a great start against the Senators before limping into the gate to finish off a Senators team that will struggle to earn points this season, the Wings head to Colorado for the Dive's season opener and take on another team that should struggle to earn points.

The Avs will counter our backup with the guy they threw more-than-RFA value at Washington to get and will get to see the first hint of how well he can handle the barrage he'll no doubt be facing this season. Meanwhile, Brendan Smith will be on the Wings' roster for tonight, but obviously he won't be playing while he serves the first of his five games' worth of suspension.

Don't expect this game to start too soon after 9 either. The Avs chose tonight to honor their former players who were lost over the summer AND Peter Forsberg. We'll be timing this one in Boston-Home-Opener (BHO) units.

Patrick Eaves is back in the lineup tonight.

Let's Go Red Wings!