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X Reasons Pulaski Days Are Delicious

This weekend is Pulaski Days in Grand Rapids.  Which means lots and lots of delicious Polish food.

The Wings are off to a 2-0 start, and have looked pretty good doing it.  We beat our former assistant one night and our old rival the second.  Now, we get to spend most of the week going through withdrawals and wondering why there isn't Red Wing hockey on TV.


Follow me after the jump for the Wings/Dives X Ways.

I - Last night the Avs retired Peter Forsbergs number.  It promptly fell to the ice.

II - The Wings transition back-check is looking really good.  Friday they turned it into a goal, and last night a couple of quality chances.  Hopefully this keeps up.

III - I love Mickey's telestrations.

IV - Glad to see the Euro Twins playing together.  And unlike those other twins, these ones don't creep me out.

V - Who decided that playing on back to back nights with a 2 timezone jump was a good idea?  Glad we have 4 days to get back to Detroit.

VI - Secondly, why do we not play consecutive home games until we spend the first half of November at home?  Schedule balance fail.


VIII - If you haven't seen yet, Brendan Smith was called up to start serving his suspension.  Just wondering why they couldn't do it before the first game, rather than wasting it.

IX - This very easily could have been a game blown open in either direction if either goalie didn't stand on their head.

X - Here's to hoping ALCS game 2 goes better than game 1.

Up next: The 2011 -Stanley Cup- Riot Champions.  Thursday at 7:30.