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Quick Hits: The Wings Are Killing Your Fantasy Team Edition

  • Danny Cleary isn't scoring and he knows it.  He says he's trying to find a rhythm, but so far nothing has worked. [Detroit Fee Press]
  • Scrappy Octopus wonders if yesterdays changes, Niklas Kronwall signing an extension and Gustav Nyquist being called up, are what we need to wake up and play some hockey. I hope so, because we are in trouble if it isn't. [Scrappy Octopus]
  • There is even more backlash over yesterday's plagiarism as Nick from Nick on Sports tackles the issue. [Nick on Sports]
  • NBC Sports has ten players killing your fantasy team, and the top two are Red Wings.  As usual, the Red Wings have been pretty terrible in terms of fantasy numbers this season. [NBC Sports]
  • Raffi Torres is apologizing for his Halloween costume and his agent is saying it was harmless.  Did neither of them think that wearing blackface might anger some people? [TSN]
  • Funny moment of the day: a Swedish player scores, hugs an opposing player in celebration, and is promptly punched in the face for doing so. [Puck Daddy]
  • Won't even sugar coat this one: this article from PHT introducing estranged NBA fans to hockey is one of the most hilarious things I have read in ages.  You can get a little taste below. [NBC Sports]

The Canadiens are one of the most revered franchises in all of professional sports and widely known as the NHL’s classiest organization. Last week they fired their assistant coach 90 minutes before a game

  • Vancouver police charged 163 people yesterday.  All involved are accused of disorderly conduct following the Canucks loss to the Bruins in June. [Puck Daddy]
  • Are we really going to do this before we even hit 15 games played?  Pensburgh is already looking at the Rocket Richard race. [Pensburgh]
  • If you have Ville Leino on your fantasy team, now may be the time to start him.  He's been moved onto the top line in an effort to jumpstart his season. [Die By the Blade]
  • Imagine you have a player who likes to talk.  A player who provides the media with endless quantities of hilarious quotes that get printed the moment they leave his mouth.  A player whose words often get him into trouble.  How do you handle him?  Well, if you're the Flyers, you make sure Ilya Bryzgalov is only allowed to speak after games. [Broad Street Hockey]

Discussion of the Day: Introduce NBA fans looking for something to watch to the NHL.