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Vote For Jimmy Howard


(s/t to Josh Howard for the poster)

[Moved back to the top of the page because Howard still deserves it and because Josh did another great poster for us]

The NHL All-Star Game is supposed to be about hockey's best facing off against one another. Each year, they put out a ballot where fans can vote on the starters. This year, there was one glaring omission: our very own James Tiberius Howard.

There's no denying the stats: 2nd in GAA (1.85); top-ten in SV% for goalies who have played more than 10 games (.930); T-2nd in wins (10); and T-1st in shutouts (3). Of the 18 nominees listed on the ballot, Jimmy Howard has a better GAA than 17 of them, a better SV% than 13 of them, and has as many shutouts as anyone in the league. Yet he wasn't deemed good enough by the NHL to make their ballot for fans to vote him in as the starter.

That's where we need your help. We are determined to get Jimmy Howard in the All-Star Game, because this year, he's been one of the best goalies in the league. He's been better than Tim Thomas; outshone Roberto Luongo; and is playing as good or better than 98% of the goalies in the NHL right now. If this game is about having the best, than Jimmy deserves to be in Ottawa facing off against the best, proving that he's one of the elite goaltenders in the game today.

So, head on over to and vote for Jimmah. We'll be maxing out our votes to ensure that he gets the recognition he deserves. Even if we can't get him in as a starter, hopefully he receives enough votes to make the NHL take notice that they snubbed the wrong guy.

Let your voice be heard. Vote for Jimmah. Because being the best should mean getting to play with the best. #VoteJimmah.

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