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Weekend Links: Wasting Some Time before Gametime

Hockeytown, No Limits

The Winged Wheel: Cleaning Up The Mess: Where to go now?
Greg at TWW explores the possible solutions to the Wings problems in his own bailiwick. That is, he uses the F-word a lot and it's super-effective.

A Time for Accountability " The Production Line
Hollis with a great write-up on the need for some player leadership in the locker room to get the team out of their funk.

Red Wings' Todd Bertuzzi feels good in practice, hoping to return to the lineup on Saturday |
Bert wants back in. Brendan Smith will play tonight. It's a good night to be a B.

Red Wings GM Ken Holland: No trade talk despite another tough loss | Detroit Free Press |
Would Holland tell a digger if he were calling around for a trade? The man has never missed the playoffs as a GM; I think he knows a little something about not using the press to raise prices on things you want.

Around the NHL

The NHL is filled with honey badgers; does your team have one? - Puck Daddy
The honey badger meme is getting old, but it's a good point. Do the Wings have a honey bagder? Personally, I'd rather have a team full of golden eagles.

Silver Nuggets: Can Erik Karlsson one day win the Norris Trophy? - Silver Seven
Karlsson is good offensively but just barely approaching serviceable in his own zone. He's going to need a lot more hair gel than Mike Green to earn consideration there.

Fan kicks glass; Lupul in head | Video | theScore
A Predators fan did what I've wanted to do since Joffrey Lupul dove on Jimmy Howard's shoulder to score a goal on him. Still, this is a bullshit move by a fan who I hope got escorted out by his short-and-curlies.

The Pronger effect, redux - Broad Street Hockey
Interestingly, the chart also looks exactly like a crayon drawing Chris Pronger did of the Chicago skyline once.

How the Jets are being used - Arctic Ice Hockey
I was surprised to see the words "as punching bags" show up nowhere in this article.

Discussion: Ok, so who is the Red Wings' honey badger? If you can't think of somebody who does it consistently enough, who do we go get?  Is that more important than a high-scoring top six guy?