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Quick Hits: Playing Like We're Columbus Edition

Courtesy of <a href="">The Production Line</a>.
Courtesy of The Production Line.
  • Today's header image: the gradient of failure, brought to you by the guys over at TPL. [The Production Line]
  • How do you celebrate signing a 7 year extension?  By getting hit in the head in your first game after signing said extension, of course.  Niklas Kronwall will be re-evaluated today and hopefully does not have a concussion. [MLive]
  • Sean Avery cleared re-entry waivers yesterday, as pretty much everyone expected him to.  The former Wing will play for the Rangers soon and still has a chance to prove my bold prediction right and play in more games than Chris Pronger, who is still having trouble with his eyes. [Blue Shirt Banter]
  • This was brought up in the comments yesterday, but it needs to be brought up again.  The slow burning feud between Joe Thornton, who called the Rangers soft, and John Torotella, who didn't believe his apology and explanation, is entertaining beyond all doubt.  Yesterday, Tortorella told the media that Thornton "hasn't won a g--damn thing in this league," and now everyone either loves or hates him, depending on your stance about Thornton. [Puck Daddy]
  • Andre Agassi dressed up for Halloween as Mr. T, bodypaint and all, and there is a mild roar of protest compared to Raffi Torres, who dressed up as Jay-Z and the opposition sounded like a wailing banshee.  Go figure. [NBC Sports]
  • Oilers defenseman Andy Sutton got a five game suspension for a hit to the head of Gabriel Landeskog of the Colorado Avalanche.  I am glad Shanny has not slowed down the Shanabans. [Puck Daddy]
  • Forbes profiled the 10 billionaire owners in the NHL (there's only 10?  Seems small) and, of course, Mike Ilitch is in there with over $2 billion. [NBC Sports]

Discussion of the Day: What are your expectations for Mr. Nyquist the rest of the season, specifically games played?  What about in the foreseeable future?