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X Reasons This Is Getting Rediculous

It's like the Lions and Wings have switched places.  The Lions are finding new and interesting ways to win games this season, and the Wings are finding ways to lose them.

It's M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A for Christ's sake, we should have better than 4 goals in 3 games against them.  The good news is that we only have one more game against them, and it's at home.

In the last 5 games we've (1) been blown out, (2) lost to a winless team, (3) lost to a nemesis, (4) been shut-out, (5) blown a last minute lead.  Seriously, how much worse can it get?


Follow me after the jump as we take a look at what the hell is going wrong.


I - I honestly can't remember the last time we had a 5 game losing streak.

II -  I'm still not sure what play the ref was watching in the first when he called Homer for goalie interference.

III - Jimmy played a solid game.  I can't fault him on either of the goals.  He deserves a better offense in front of him though.

IV - If Hudler was benched for a game to try and motivate him to score, maybe we should try benching Bertuzzi next to try and motivate him to not take really stupid penalties.

V - We need to stay out of the box.  We had all the momentum in the world leading up to the goal.  And after that, we never got any kind of rythm established thanks to some unlucky and some very stupid penalties.

VI - If Harding doesn't want to get run over, maybe he should stand behind his net with the puck on his stick while a guy is bearing down on him.

VII - I know at first glance it looked like Kronwall got elbowed, but that was a good non-call by the ref.  Running your face into the back of the guy with the puck should never result in a penalty.

VIII - That said, Kronner needs to act like a hockey player.  Get the eff up and get back in the play.  Rolling around on the ground waiting for a call when we're already short a guy didn't do us any good.  (See, told you they were gonna suck today).

IX - That was a nice sell job by Mickey for Nyquist in the first.  I had to check a couple times, but at worst, he was tapped on the shins well after he was past the guy.  Mickey made it sound like he'd been hauled down and dogpiled.

X - These things are much much easier to write after a win.  So, if this sucked, blame on the Wings for not giving me something decent to work with.

Up Next: Calgary Flames (4-5-1), 7:30pm Thursday.  Game 2 in what hopefully won't be a futile homestand.