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X Ways the Wi......

This mornings X Ways is currently experiencing technical difficulties.  Please bear with us while we find someone to turn the power back on.


Ah, that's better.

Last night was just full of quality from the building crew at the Honda Center.  First the power goes out, then they cut Detroit's audio feed, resulting in 30 seconds of Assinine Anaheim Announcers followed by Ken Daniels putting his cell phone on speakerphone.

The result, despite Anaheim's maintenance shenanigans, was the Wings managing to make it look pretty easy and get out of there with a 4-2 win.

Follow me after the jump for some of the highlights (and dim lights) from yesterday.

I - Hank started off the game with a great backhanded compliment for the Duck's D.

II - I think I found Bobby Ryan's problem.  No one told him the puck actually has to go in for it to count as a goal.

III - I think we may see Brad Stuart lobby to replace the ping pong tables with pool tables so he can work on his goal scoring.

IV - When watching lower division adult leagues, I always get a chuckle out of the forward screening a goalie while simultaneously crosschecking the defeseman who is perfectly willing to stand there and help him screen the goalie.  Didn't think that ineptitude extended to the NHL as well.

V - Great hands by Bert, but a really nice job by Hiller to stick with it and make the save. 

VI - How clueless are Anaheim's announcers?  They said Jonathan Ericsson is Detroit's most physical defenseman.  I'll just let that sink in for a moment.

VII - Wings were up 3-0 when Murphy says Anaheim needs to score next, or this could really start to get out of hand from Anaheim.  Conspiracy time - did the Wings allow Anaheim to score those 2 goals to keep them from devolving into their usual douchebaggery, and thus protect themselves from harm?

VIII - Does anyone else kinda miss Hiller's "Flat Black" mask from last year?  There was just an elegant simplicity to it.

IX - The Wings should really consider boycotting playing in Anaheim until they agree to bring their arena up to ECHL standards as a minimum..

X - Question time, which Wings team shows up on Wednesday night to face Calgary?

Next game - 7:30pm Wednesday against a luke warm Calgary Flames team.