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Coming Soon: WIIM Radio


Big announcement out of WIIM land folks. This week, we're starting up WIIM Radio, a weekly Red Wings podcast dedicated to discussing our favorite team as well as the goings-on around the hockey world. We'll be recording the inaugural episode soon and will have it up later in the week.

I know many of you are thinking "what about TP:60?". To be honest, we're not interested in competing with the godfather of Red Wings' podcasts. The fine gentlemen (and even finer lady) at The Production Line run the net's best Wings podcast and it would be ridiculous to even want to compete with that. But, we feel that there is easily two hours worth of good shit per week to go over and we want to be that other hour.

Starting soon and then weekly on Mondays, Jeff, Graham, yours truly, and whatever guest/fellow SB Nation blogger we can snag will bring you our roundtable discussions on all things Wings and whatever the hell else happens around the hockey world. Stay tuned