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Quick Hits: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey-Day folks. Enjoy the time, enjoy the Lions game, enjoy that the Wings will be right back at it early tomorrow afternoon.

Hockeytown, no limits

Holmstrom’s Gorgeous Caboose Leads Wings Over Flames " The Production Line
Disch from TPL Recaps last night's game.

Stay Just a Little Bit Longer " The Production Line - TP:60
TPL's Stevie with another great piece inspired by the news that Babcock wanted to make sure Smith didn't get away before yesterday.

Red Wings' Ian White collects career-high three points in return; Todd Bertuzzi makes impact |
"Todd Bertuzzi makes impact" is among the worst headlines you can write for when he does something good.

Detroit Red Wings 5, Calgary 3: Three power play goals lift Wings | Detroit Free Press |
Three goals with the man advantage got the Red Wings past the Flames, 5-3, tonight at Joe Louis Arena. The victory gave the Wings 12 wins as they reached the quarter point of the season.

Wings send Smith back to GR and recall Brunnstrom | Red Wings Front
I learned from this article that Brunnstrom's wife is expecting. I did not know that. Oh, also there were some roster moves or something. Whatever.

Around the NHL

McKenzie: 19,500 seat arena possible for Markham, ON
It needs to be said up front, and quite emphatically, that the NHL has no plans to put a second franchise in southern Ontario. But as TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie writes, if the league's view on that should ever change, there is a potential 19,500-seat arena project in Markham, Ont., that could one day turn out to be a viable option.

NHL’s deal with NBC yields a cornucopia of Thanksgiving treats : Sports Illustrated
The Wings/Bruins Black Friday matchup is a smart decision by the league trying to collect on all the lazy assholes (like me) who would rather lick a hot toaster than leave the house on the day after Thanksgiving.

Blues sneak past Crosby, Penguins 3-2 in OT:
No, that's the actual article title. The Saint Louis Blues beat the Pittsburgh Crosbies. The embedded highlights video is even frozen on a pic where they have hanging under the scoreboard a "Sid Cam" where you can watch him on the bench. Seriously, Pittsburgh fans, I don't give a shit whose fault it is, this is why you get shit. BTW, while we're talking about his 82-game pace after a four-point night against some Islanders' hack scrub, we can also extrapolate his numbers out to assume that he would take 41 elbowing minors over the course of a season. Way to be, Penguins and the national media, you forced me to be happy about a Blues victory.

Paging Shanahan: Deveaux delivers ugly hit to Fleischmann’s head | ProHockeyTalk
Somebody pick up the Shanaphone because Andre Deveaux blasted Tomas Fleischmann. He'll be Shanahearing from the Shanameister Shanasoon, I would Shanasuppose.

Why I'd like to revoke your All-Star Game voting privileges - Silver Seven
Apparently, All-Star voting is a sacred rite given to us by the hockey gods and you buttholes are ruining it by voting for your favorite players and not necessarily the best players (you hear that, Corey Crawford, you fucking hack?). Solid burn at the end of the article though.

The NHL's Most Interesting Name: The 1970s Part I - Arctic Ice Hockey
I thought they had stopped doing these and I got sad. Fortunately, Bob Paradise is around to lift my spirits.

Bruins prove they can do it all during ten-game winning streak | ProHockeyTalk
So the Wings' next opponent is on something of a hot streak coming into Friday's game. Let's hope they're not still sore over the ass-whippings Detroit handed them last season.

Discussion of the day: What do you have to give thanks for this year?