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Weekend Time Wastin': Here's Some Links for You

Sometimes Homer gets bored in front of the net and pretends that he had followed his secondary dream of playing the flute in front of large crowds.
Sometimes Homer gets bored in front of the net and pretends that he had followed his secondary dream of playing the flute in front of large crowds.

Hey folks. Here's to hoping your weekend's going well so far. Wings play the Predators tonight with a chance to take over the top spot in the conference. I don't care about standings right now though, I care about wins and about beating the Preds.  Mailroom post later today. Until then, some news and notes from around the blogosphere.

Hockeytown, no limits

Happy Hudler’s Magical Mystery Globe-Trotting Travels | Nightmare on Helm Street
NOHS has uncovered some new evidence of what Jiri Hudler got up to during his lost year in the KHL.

Todd Bertuzzi's unique paths delight Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |
From the post: Asked about the slow approaches, Pavel Datsyuk joked that Bertuzzi -- who at 36 is a mere three years older than Datsyuk -- is just behind the times. "Now it's HD camera, you can see everything. Maybe he just still thinking we have old camera, maybe this is why he go slow."

Deflated: Bruins Fall to Red Wings in Shootout, Drop First Game Since October 29 - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Recap of yesterday's game from Stanley Cup of Chowder, your SB Nation site for the Bruins.

Boston Sees Red | Puck Buddys
Actually a preview to yesterday's game that we missed getting up before then, this one's still worth a read simply because the Glee correlation at the end is absolutely fantastic.

Predators vs Red Wings preview: The Battle Is Joined - On the Forecheck
Dirk Hoag's preview of tonight's division rivalry game as always is a solid one.

Around the league

Sharks players weigh in on Canucks "arrogance" | ProHockeyTalk
The concept of a rivalry between the Sharks and Canucks boiling over has me a bit excited. Now if they can get some Sharks players who aren't clownshoes jokes like Ryane Clowe and "Teach me how to" Douglas Murray, we'd be in business.

John Tavares fined for on Zach Parise | ProHockeyTalk
John Tavares was fined for $2,500 for his slash on Zach Parise on Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, won't somebody in the NHL think of the fans and fine the Islanders for assault every time they wear those third jerseys?

Rangers’ Andre Deveaux suspended 3 games for Fleischmann elbow - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
That stupid elbow by Andre Deveaux on Tomas Fleischmann draws a three-game suspension. The embedded Shanny video explains that lack of NHL history doing things like this and that it's believable Deveaux acted on a stupid instinct rather than malicious intent is what led to this decision. I think it should have been five.

Crosby gets scrappy : Kukla's Korner
To take his 2nd in 3 games since his return, Sidney Crosby elbowed Nick Foligno in the head yesterday. Foligno had the perfect response: "It’s not a big deal, but it is something that he preached all summer about that we should limit that and then he goes and does it, so I was just a little disappointed."

Bonus link

A shark, a duck and an awkward interview - YouTube
For those of you who frequent the game threads and have fallen in love with my favorite .gif ever, well I've got a treat for you. Here's why the guy's so happy. I have to admit, it makes it even better knowing the context. Also, I kind of want to start watching the Australian Today Show now. (original .gif from The Chive)