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Quick Hits: A Hockeytown Reunion

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Hockeytown, No Limits

Visit is all business for Yzerman - Detroit Red Wings - News
The Captain Returns.

Steve Yzerman to return to Detroit for first time since leaving Red Wings to become Tampa Bay Lightning GM - St. Petersburg Times
The Wings plan to honor Yzerman during a stoppage in play. If you're attending the game, stand and cheer.

Red Wings preparing for Steve Yzerman visit, Lightning's controversial defense | Detroit Free Press |
Wings prepare to face their former teammate's own team.

Tuesday Tire Pump: Pavel Datsyuk | ProHockeyTalk
It’s not Tim Thomas’s job to pump a player’s tires, so we’ll do it instead.

Red Wings' Johan Franzen has 'maintenance day' but is expected to play Wednesday |
Maintenance the Mule.

Gradient of Failure: November 29th " The Production Line
Note: Smith is better than average. Hooray for not failing!

Quotes of the day | Red Wings Front
Babs has nice things to say about a couple of Lightning players. That's nice Babs, but what are we going to do about them?


Around the NHL

The 411 on the 1-3-1 - Japers' Rink
This is an article from last April written on the SB Nation Capitals blog which breaks down in fantastic detail what the Tampa Bay 1-3-1 system does, what it's designed to do, and what a team's options are for beating it. Look for the Wings to do these things effectively on Wednesday night.

Can Glendale get Coyotes deal done?
The answer is no.

The Hockey News: Ken Campbell's Column: Campbell: NHL should move the Coyotes temporarily to Hamilton
If the Yotes are going to move to Toronto, it makes more sense for them to play the next two years in Hamilton where they'll make money than to let them flounder in Phoenix until their new digs are ready, so argues THN's Ken Campbell.

After further review, this ‘Ducks shopping Ryan’ story is bizarre | ProHockeyTalk
The big talk of yesterday was about Bobby Ryan and his possible availability on the market. PHT's Mike Halford takes a look at the situation and how a lot of it doesn't add up. The one promising thing is the Ducks' internal budget, which would likely mean the Ducks would take less than Ryan's $5.1M cap hit in trade.

Gretzky's daughter closes down Twitter account -
Wayne Gretzky has a hot daughter who put hot pictures on Twitter. Then he made her take down her Twitter. Screw you, Great One.

Pens recall Robert Bortuzzo and Alex Picard - PensBurgh
The bigger question here is "was Kris Letang concussed by the Pacioretty hit and allowed to come back into the game?" You'd figure the Penguins of all teams might want to play it a little safer with their star players when it comes to head injuries.

HBO 24/7 Flyers vs. Rangers: Ask questions of a show producer - Broad Street Hockey
If you have any questions you'd like a producer from 24/7 to answer, get over to Broad Street Hockey ASAP and get it in for consideration.

New York Rangers Prospect Jesper Fasth Is Seriously Injured - Blueshirt Banter
The Fasth and the Furiousth is now seriousthly hurt. This video looks... painful.


DISCUSSION: What's your favorite Steve Yzerman moment? I'm going to cheat and pick the entire 2002 playoffs. The man was playing on one knee and could barely skate or get up when knocked down. He never stopped though. He didn't care. He overcame the pain and performed at a Stanley Cup level. The single gutsiest performance I have ever personally witness. I'll never forget the sacrifice he made that postseason.