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Quick Hits: We Need More Science

  • Sounds like I should be happy that I was not able to watch last night's games. Either way, here are a few recaps for those that, like myself, were unable to see the game. All I know is that we are beginning to upset Cave and that is unacceptable. [MLive - Detroit Free Press - The Production Line]
  • At least Gustav Nyquist enjoyed his one game stint with the Wings, his NHL debut. He described it as 'awesome.' [MLive]
  • As you may have heard, the Predators broke with their customs yesterday and didn't screw over one of their players in contract negotiations as they signed franchise goalie Pekka Rinne to a 7 year, $49 million deal. Reaction to the deal has been mixed, though most are of the opinion that his all but solidifies that they will have to cut one of their two star defenseman loose at the end of the season. [On The Forecheck]
  • Speaking of Rinne, the Predators most recent re-signing knows how to celebrate a newly signed contract. Too bad Niklas Kronwall didn't do similar earlier this week. [On The Forecheck]
  • You be the judge: Danny Briere had a controversial shootout winner last night against the Devils. Did he come to a complete stop? Should the goal have counted? [Puck Daddy]
  • NBC suggests that the Flames should blow up their team in favor of a youth movement and that holdout-RFA Kyle Turris may be the man to lead it. The Flames could do worse than having a man who refuses to sign a deal worth his play lead a youth movement. I can't think of anything that would be worse, but I am sure it is there. [NBC's Pro Hockey Talk]
  • I can honestly say that Shanahan has disappointed me with his suspension of Sabres forward Patrick Kaleta. The fact that he has done this multiple times in the past should have warranted a ten game suspension. He's purposefully targeting heads with his helmet and it is a dangerous play. Four games for this is simply not enough. [Die By The Blade]
  • As NBC's Pro Hockey Talk points out, the NHL stands to gain a lot of ground in both revenue and ratings as the NBA lockout continues to eat away at their season. Which I suppose is only fair; Bettman's mentor, NBA commissioner David Stern, enjoyed a nice rise during the NHL lockout of 2005. [NBC's Pro Hockey Talk]

Discussion of the Day: Is it time for a roster shakeup? Six straight losses and just one goal per game. Should Holland try something drastic like trading for someone? Who is there to get, even?