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X Reasons - Please No Nickleback Edition

Yep.  That's pretty much what it feels like right now.
Yep. That's pretty much what it feels like right now.

There are a multitude of little lies that parents tell their children in order to make childhood more fun.  Santa Clause. The Toothfairy.  I do love you more than your brother/sister.

But I just found out about one that I've been told since I was a little kid.  Detroit has a long and rich musical history.  It's a lie.

Bob Seger?  He's no Detroiter.

Aretha Franklin? Queen of Soul, but not the Queen of Detroit.

Kid Rock?  He may be an American Badass, but he didn't grow up in the metro area.


How do I know this?  How did I uncover this carefully constructed lie?

Nickleback is scheduled to play halftime of the Lions Thanksgiving Day game.

Yes, the same Nickleback that even Winnipeg begged to not have play for their first NHL game in 15 years.  Their own country doesn't even like them.  So the only reason they could possibly be chosen to play at Ford Field during a Lions game would be that there were no other options.  There are petitions circulating.  But who would you replace them with?  There just isn't a rich history to pull from.

What does this have to do with the Wings game last night?  Aside from the fact that Detroit played like Nickleback, nothing.  I just didn't feel like talking about it.


Follow me after the jump for the latest X Reasons.


I - Well, that was a nice giant back of suck.

II - Jokinen must have been promised extra waffles if he kept Iginla from getting a hat-trick.

III - I was hoping to wake up this morning to find out Jimmy went nuclear in the locker room.  Not surprisingly, I was disappointed.

IV - Tim Tebow watched the game last night and thought the Wings sucked.

V - I haven't seen JJ's CSSI post yet, but I vote for Kronwall and Bertuzzi to each get an extra minus elebenty billion for the miscommunication on that 3rd goal.

VI - I'm not in the "Do Something Drastic" camp, but I'm noticing fewer and fewer people in the tents around me.

VII - Glad to see Hudler is ok.  That was gonna hurt regardless, he didn't need the extra shove from Hannan.

VIII - Why is it that when our forwards get a wide open shot, they hold it for a second to let the goalie set up, when theirs get one, they bury it with a one-timer?

IX - Seriously, that was a Nicklebackian bag of suck.

X -  What's the latest we've been under .500 in the last 20 years?  This has got to be pretty close.

Up Next: Anaheim, Saturday at 7pm.  Maybe all Datsyuk needs is to kick a little Katy Corey Perry ass.