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Quick Hits: Riiiiiiitoooooolaaaaa

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  • Like NOHS, I was pretty surprised when I saw a tweet over the weekend talking about Konstantinov painting.  It's hardly something I would expect him to be doing, but it does seem like a great way to rehab. [Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • Here's a kind reminder (and a good interview to boot): Mr. Mickey Redmond goes to the Hall of Fame in a week. [Detroit Free Press]
  • USA Today points out that we are not in the clear yet, after ending our losing streak.  Our upcoming schedule is pretty damn tough. [USA Today]
  • Malik, yes that Malik, is back and the first article get to link to from him is about how he believes Nicklas Lidstrom may be playing the best regular season hockey of his career this season.  That is a pretty big suggestion for a player who is 41 and unanimously considered the second greatest defenseman of all time. Also, Malik. [The Malik Report]
  • Stevie Y is lucky that Holland is not spiteful.  Mattias Ritola, previously plucked off waivers from the Wings, cleared waivers over the weekend to be assigned to the Lightning AHL affiliate. [Raw Charge]
  • Completely unrelated to absolutely anything, but I am giving Col. Hans Landa some love. [YouTube]
  • You snooze, you lose, Columbus.  The Blue Jackets who, as of Friday, were still looking to clean house and re-hire Ken Hitchcock as head coach to save a few bucks (he is still under contract with him), decided to wait a few days and, in the process, lost their man.  The Blues fired head coach David Payne and replaced him with Hitchcock yesterday, only days after saying that they were confident an upcoming string of home games would turn things around and that there was no reason to make changes this season.  Go figure. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • This is surprising.  The majority of analysts (I link to just two sources, but I have read many more this weekend) believe the Predators will now put all focus on signing Shea Weber to a long term deal and that a trade for Ryan Suter is most likely.  I figured they would sign Suter, the UFA, and wait on Weber, the RFA, just because they stand to lose more otherwise. [Red Light District - Ottawa Sun]
  • SI writes that hits to the head are still controversial , mainly because of some inconsistent Shanahans.  [Red Light]
  • Some more off-topicness (though considerably less awkward than the last bit), but parent company Vox Media (formerly SB Nation) launched a new site last week.  The Verge, a project from a group of Engadget defectors, launched last week to nearly universal acclaim.  Be sure to give it a look. (for those of you wondering, hopefully this will be the end of issues most other Vox/SBN blogs have experienced during the final stages of The Verge's development) [The Verge]

Discussion of the Day: Mickey Redmond.  Just talk about him.  He deserves the love (though not as much as Col. Hans Landa, I think).