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WIIM Prediction Contest Update

Hey folks, it's time for an update to the Prediction Contest. The Wings have played 12 Games so far and we've got a good number of submissions for each game. For the uninitiated, we have a prediction form in every one of our morning skates for a user to put in their name, score prediction, and player of the game prediction. Here's how the points work for getting them correct.

  • 1 point for getting the score right.
  • 1 point for getting the player of the game right.
  • 4 points for getting both right in the same game.

The winner of the contest will get a prize at the end of the season. The cheaters of the contest will be disqualified from entries made after the end of games. We do check these things and we will erase all of your points for doing this (you know who you are).

That said, our current points leader is RandomWingsDude with 5 points. He was able to correctly hit the 5-2 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets with Franzen as the player of the game. 2nd place Elfuego51 got the same game right, but hasn't hit on a correct score or player to get that fifth point. Holmstrom96 sits in third place with two correct player of the game predictions. There are currently 15 other people with one point so far.

So keep making those predictions and joining us in the game threads. Most of all, Let's Go Red Wings!