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Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday from WIIM

That's one tall elf.
That's one tall elf.

Well the NHL is dark throughout today and tomorrow and we should spent at least a little time with our families during that break. Graham is off Amerinadianing, Jeff is trying to climb down Brendan Smith's chimney, and I'll be holding down flyover country hanging out with the in-laws and praying somebody gives me a new liver this year.

We just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Or, if you don't happen to celebrate it, a happy holiday season and a kick-ass weekend. I gave (read: forced) Jeff and Graham a chance to write their own personalized note to you all. Here they are:

Graham: Merry Christmas from your friendly neighbourhood Canadian. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Jeff: Merry Christmas and happy holidays from your favorite WIIM writer

Have a great weekend everybody and Let's Go Red Wings!