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It's Banmesty Day at WIIM

Welcome to the start of a grand experiment for WIIM. Today we throw caution to the wind and attempt a project more likely to go down in flames than filling the air compartment of a zeppelin with hydrogen and the passenger compartment with nitrous oxide. For today, we un-ban non-spam commenters who have been asked to leave the confines of our happy community in hopes of a reform.

Before you run screaming for the hills and lament the loss of the blog, it's just a simple change to how things are going to be done. We don't want trolls hanging around bandying everybody incessantly either, but we also don't want to shut the door on people who have differing opinions. Sometimes things get said in the heat of the moment which have gotten people banned when all they really needed was to calm the hell down.

With that in mind, everybody's getting a second chance to use as they see fit. Trolling (passive-aggressive or active-aggressive) will still not be tolerated, so please don't view an unbanning as a welcome to be a dick to our readers. Persistent trolls will be banned for longer periods, but for the time being, a ban now for reasons other than spam (or more severe breaches of conduct) will be considered a "time out".

Use it wisely, folks. We're ok with disagreements around here, but we want them respectful. Thank you.

[As a note, if you're reading this and still can't comment because it says you're banned, there's probably a reason for it. If you feel the reason is that you're a poor, persecuted soul, feel free to send in an email and I'll be happy to give you a long-winded explanation as to why what you did warranted the perma-ban.]