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Red Wings / Blues Game Thread: We're Looking Which Direction in the Standings?

St. Louis Blues Team Detroit Red Wings
21-10-4 46 Points Record 22-12-1 45 Points
Brian Elliott(14-3-0 1.55 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (21-8-1 1.95 GAA)
St. Louis Game Time SB Nation Site - Last Meeting 12/6 2-3 L
7:30 PM EST Time - Television Versus, FSD, TSN2

Division Hate Week continues as Detroit flies back home from Nashville to meet St. Louis coming off a victory over the Dallas Stars last night in St. Louis. The Red Wings are looking up in the standings at a resurgent Blues team which has been playing the way some expected them to at the season's start.

St. Louis is third in the league in GA/G at 2.09 (to Detroit's 5th-best 2.26) and despite also being in the bottom half of the league offensively, don't you dare call the kind of hockey they play under notoriously defensive-minded Ken Hitchcock "boring" or you'll risk facing the wrath of some of the most delusional fans to look at this season's performance to-date since Wild fans were clamoring for credit as the league's best team in November.

Hitch played LosthisJarojob Halak against the very talented Stars last night to rest the inimitable Brian Elliott in preparation for an actually challenging game. These teams haven't played a game in Detroit this season, but that's not important when the Blues have won two one-goal games so far. Not too long ago, we had a commenter compare Brian Elliott to a young Patrick Roy. I mean, that was hilariously weird, but if it means the Wings will drop 9 goals on him tonight, I could live with that.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.