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Sunday Site Bookkeeping and Prediction Contest Update

It's time to update our season-long WIIM Prediction Contest leaderboard (like I said I'd do last weekend.. yeah, sorry about that. But first, we've got to do just a little bit of bookkeeping. We didn't have a poll for the PotG winner for Friday's game against Buffalo and we need your votes to decide on that.Voting is below, but first, let's go over who tops the scoreboard to this point.

Our leaders through 23 of the 24 games the Wings have played to this point are as follows

Name Points
Darthferrer 10
RandomWingsDude 10
Elfuego51 7
Jason T
Kendal 6
Holmstrom96 5
Igorzba 5
Ethrdemon 4
gander 4
Jesus El-Daboo 4
DRWfan 4
PlayboyPerry509 3
normypants 3
Pentatonic 3
DarthSparty 3
stevenyc 3
rock n rye 3
Nim ~

Congrats to Darthferrer for being the only person to correctly hit two bonus predictions to this point in the season, coming on strong to hit the Boston and Tampa Bay games recently. Meanwhile, RandomWingsDude has one correct bonus prediction, but has easily been the most consistent guesser this season, with at least one prediction right in seven of the 23 games we've counted.

Atop the individual prediction standings, Igorzba and RandomWingsDude have each correctly predicted three scores. Correctly hitting the player of the game prediction, our own Random Nostradamus joins Jason T and Holmstrom96 at the top of that category with 5 apiece.

If you don't see your name up there, take heart. There's a good chance you're one of the 45 people who have either 1 or 2 points and, as Darthferrer has proven over the last four games, you can make up ground very quickly. So keep those predictions coming and don't forget to vote for the player of the game against Buffalo.