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TPL Pledge Reminder

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Tonight's game against the Bruins is the official opener of the TPL pledges and you can make a pledge if you haven't done so yet. For those that don't know, the pledges go to the H2H2 drive that helps raise money for the Children's Hospital.

How does it work?
Well, it's simple. You can make a pledge for either a particular game (say tonight vs Boston) or the entire span of games. For example: tonight, Joey Joe Joe will donate $5 for every goal that a Eurotwin scores, or, for the block of games, Joey Joe Joe will donate $11 for Dan Cleary goal. Stuff like that. Be creative with the pledges and have fun.

Which games count if I do a full duration pledge?
The following games count if you pledge for the entire stretch of games:
2/11--@ Boston
2/13--vs. Boston
2/17--@ Tampa Bay
2/18--@ Florida
2/20--@ Minnesota
2/22--vs. San Jose
2/24--vs. Dallas
2/26--@ Buffalo
2/28--@ Los Angeles
3/2--@ Anaheim
3/3--@ San Jose
3/5--@ Phoenix

When do I pay?
From the electronic mouth of Petrella:

If they pledge, I need their real name, their Twitter (if they have it) and their email address. Once the games are over and I've tallied everyone's total -- I send an email with instructions on how to donate and their total.

How do I pledge?
Click the image below and you can send in your pledge.


What else?
If I left something out and you want an answer, just ask. Someone (me, JJ, Graham or Petrella himself) will answer.



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