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Morning Skate: A storm is Bruin

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We just did this on Friday and we did a pretty extensive preview then so we'll keep it pretty short today, especially considering the game begins at 12:30 pm ET.

In the Friday meeting, the Wings stepped up and provided a full 60 minutes of great hockey to produce a 6-1 win. The offense was clicking and the defense was a lot better than in previous games. Jimmy Howard was sharp in net, allowing only a power play goal. In sum, it was a great full-team performance and when you do that, you get the win. (There's my John Madden analysis for the day).

But for as good as the Red Wings were on Friday, you can definitely expect that the Bruins wont be as bad. Tim Thomas will start and he's had an incredible year and--no offense to Tuukka Rask--will provide a bigger challenge for the Red Wings. You can also expect that the Bruins' defense will play tighter and keep a better eye on the Wings crashing the net.

The biggest question is whether or not the Wings will be ready to play at the early drop of the puck. In the past, they've been lethargic during 12:30 games and it's cost them points. Will the euphoria from the 6-1 win carry over to today's game? Let's hope.

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