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X ways to win Game 1.

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Well, now that I'm on staff here, I figured we'd move these out of the dark, shadowy underbelly of humor over on the right side of the page, and out in the spotlight front and center.

We had a pretty good game last night, so follow me after the jump to see the X ways to win Game 1 of a playoff series.


I - Wait?  Last night WASN'T actually a playoff game?  Those don't start for another month and half?  Hmmm, there goes my list.

II - Can somebody please criticize Logan Couture a little so that his skin won't be so thin.

III - Hell of a job by Happy on the first goal.  And this didn't even require Datsyuk to bounce the puck off him while doing all the work.

IV - I'm pretty sure Niemi got away with a delay of game at the end of the 5 on 3.

V - Big E, I don't blame you at all for the second goal.  It's really TPHs fault for not mind melding with you and realizing you had no idea who was standing around you at the time.

VI - Defensive zone faceoffs bit us again.  We cannot be losing these.  Especially not late in periods, when Jimmy thinks Bud's voice is the horn.

VII - I'm really surprised Cleary's second goal wasn't waived off.  The puck was clearly sitting loose for at least 2 seconds, plenty of time for the ref to intend to blow.

VIII - Did Patrick Eaves move his locker closer Datsyuk's?

IX - I can't be the only one who was wondering where Franzen and Bertuzzi were all night.  There were times where I was pretty sure they were healthy scratches.

X - Who in the world did Bud Lynch piss off during the offseason?  I swear there's a witch doctor down in the caribbean with a Red Wings voodoo doll thanks to him.