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Hawaiian-Time-Morning Skate: Music City

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Who has the best face?
Who has the best face?

Well, that was an unexpectedly bad game last night. Shutout by the Blue Jackets? Not a good showing. Considering the back-to-back games, this will be pretty brief.

The Wings hit the road down to the Music City to face the Predators. Did you know that the Predators' Guardian has titanium claws and spit radioactive plasm?! I'll assume you're done laughing now. Anyhoooo, the Predators have dropped four straight games and most recently lost to the Flyers and Flames. The Predators are a very streaky team so now's not the time to switch their losing streak to a winning one.

On the Forecheck is your SB Nation Predators' page.

Preview and form after the jump.

  • Joey MacDonald will start in net tonight. To be honest, I don't know what to expect. He's been okay in his time this year and hasn't been horrible by any means but I'm just not sure how he'll do against the Predators. If the Red Wings keep leaving guys wide open for shots, it won't matter who's in net. Both goals against the Blue Jackets last night were by guys that had a free shooting lane. Looking at the stats around the NHL, the Wings are near the bottom of the league in blocked shots.
  • The Predators are one of the better teams in the league in goals allowed so offense might be at a premium for the Wings tonight. Unfortunately, it was not found at all last night against the Blue Jackets. 
  • Defenseman Shea Weber leads the Predators in points with 32 and Patric Hornqvist leads with 16 goals. The Preds distribute their scoring pretty well and have a four guys over 10 goals with a bunch huddled together below that.
  • The Preds have a pair of goalies that are taller than the Empire State building. I don't like the idea of a tall goalie because of the extra space they can cover but if the Wings' offense shows up then it wouldn't matter if Yao Ming was in net...although he'd probably be out for the season with a foot injury.
  • Hey, the Predators' Guardian has something in common with Barry Trotz: no neck!
  • Told you this would be brief.
  • Score Prediction: 3-2 Detroit in OT. I think the Wings play this game a little better all around and the Predators break out of their slump. 
  • Player of the Game Prediction: Well, I guess I can only use that Jan Mursak thing once and have it pay off so I'll go with Henrik Zetterberg. Hank's quietly been one of the best performing players in the league this season and as we all know he's been a monster each night.