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X Ways to Not Get Capped

Well, that was a heck of a game.  And about what I expected.  Up and down hockey, but still a pretty defensively tight game.  Ovechkin is one of the most exciting players to watch, and if a coach can ever get him to play 2-way hockey, it's going to be scary.


REGULATORS - - - - MOUNT UP, and follow me after the jump for your X ways....

I - 3 game win streak.  Magic number sits at 7.  Division number sits at 8.

II - Hank breaks a 9 game goalless drought, Caps have a 9 game win streak broken and Rafalski returns.  This is not a coincidence.

III - I'm pretty sure that if Bruce Boudreau went to an amusement park and got a caricature, it would look like a realistic portrait.

IV - I'm very glad that this game turned out better for Jimmy than the first time he faced Ovechkin.

V - Neuvirth is a heck of a goalie.  If he can keep some consistency from year to year, he's going to be a fixture in Washington for years to come.

VI - Booing Ovie?  Really?  He's actually one of the classier players in the game who plays with a ton of energy and a ton of talent.

VII - I can't put the blame for either goal on Jimmy.  The first was just a defensive scramble breakdown, and the second was Ovie.

VIII - The Gator had a really good game.  It seemed he was all over the ice.

IX -  Way to keep your pimp hand strong Hank.

X - Everyone have a safe St. Amateur's Day.


Up Next: Tonight in Columbus @ 7pm.  I would have something catchy, buuuut it's Columbus.