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Number of the Day: 19


Well hello, this is a new daily feature. I've seen some other blogs around the SBN network incorporate this and I think it's a neat idea. Basically, we'll give you a number each day and some random facts an trivia about the number and or the player who has that jersey number. 

Today, we'll bring you the number of The Captain, Steve Yzerman. So everything below is based on the number 19 or related to Yzerman.

  • Steve Yzerman scored 692 goals and 1,063 assists in 1,514 games with the Red Wings. Yzerman won three Stanley Cups, Conn Smythe Trophy, the Selke Trophy, Lester B. Pearson and the Bill Masterson Trophy, and was a 10-time All-Star. 
  • Darren Helm and Valtteri Filppula both have 19 assists this year. 19 of Henrik Zetterberg's 51 assists have come on the the power play.
  • Philadelphia only has 19 regulation losses this season. Vancouver is the only team with fewer (16)
  • The Red Wings have 19 home wins. Dallas has 19 home wins as well.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, both Ottawa and Edmonton have lost 19 home games. 
Add in any 19 related comments you want below.