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Quick Hits: Post game links and more

It's Friday. Gotta get down on Friday (note: this is an attempt to piss JJ off as much as possible)

  • Anything you want to know from last night's game is here. Quotes, video, photo links, the works. [THE MALIK REPORT]
  • If you missed it two nights ago, or were fortunate enough to not have to have the VERSUS feed, head on over to NOHS to see the video clip from the Washington game where Craig Laughlin gave a shout-out to NOHS. [NIGHTMARE ON HELM STREET]
  • Bertuzzi Kuzzi. Next: The Snuggtuzzi. Because you can't suckerpunch with a blanket over your arms. [THE PRODUCTION LINE]
  • Petrella ponders if Johan Franzen may be laboring at this point of the season. [THE PRODUCTION LINE]
  • A look at the playoff picture. [SB NATION HOCKEY]
  • Broad Street Hockey has a translation of an interview with Nikolai Zherdev about sitting out more than he expected this year. [BROAD STREET HOCKEY]
  • St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts puts the team up for sale. [ST. LOUIS GAME TIME]
  • Patric Hornqvist (who we've all heard is supposed to be the next Tomas Holmstrom or something) escaped suspension for his elbow on Tyler Seguin. Horny was fined but he definitely deserved suspension for the blatant elbow he lead with. [ON THE FORECHECK]
  • Related, check out Tim Thomas' mustache in the background of this video.