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Number of the Day: 22

Today's number is 22, brought to you by Thompson's Teeth.

  • The number of the great Brett Lebda. Lebda wore 22 in Detroit and scored a total of 18 goals and 50 assists. The Red Wings next game is against Lebda's current team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Lebda has 1 goal and 3 assists this year for the Leafs and is a -14 in 40 games $1,500,00.
  • The number of goals Pavel Datsyuk has this season. Datsyuk's 22 goals is currently his lowest 2002-2003, but the 22 games he has missed from injury are the biggest contributing factor to this.
  • Current Red Wing Mike Modano is 22nd all-time in points in the NHL with 1,373. The only active player above him is Mark Recchi. Former Red Wing Brendan Shanahan is 22nd all-time in PIMs with 2,489.
  • Today's number is half of yesterday's number. Three cheers for division! (or...multiplication, depending on which way you look at it).
  • Jeff Hancock's favorite Griffin, Brendan Smith, is 22 years young.
  • Other Red Wings to wear 22, via
    Don Deacon, Hy Buller, Les Douglas, Doug McCaig, Ed Bruneteau, Fred Glover, Al Dewsbury, Marcel Pronovost, Clare Raglan, Ben Woit, Vic Stasiuk, Glenn Hall, Len Haley, Stu McNeill, Paul Henderson, Gerry Odrowski, Bob Dillabough, Roger Crozier, Harrison Gray, Pat Rupp, Bob Champoux, Carl Wetzel, Butch Paul, Pete Goegan, Ab McDonald, Howie Young, Dan lawson, Nick Libett, Ron Anderson, Bob Falkenberg, Rick McCann, Bill Collins, Blair Stewart, Nelson Pyatt, Dennis Polonich, Larry Giroux, Mike Wong, Dennis Hextall, Bill Hogaboam, Glen Hicks, Greg Joly, Murray Craven, Brad Park, Doug Houda, Glenn Merkosky, Dave Barr, Martin Lapointe, Dino Ciccarelli, Mike Knuble, Phillipe Audet, Yuri Butsayev, Anders Myrvoid, Brett Lebda
  • Daniel Sedin is probably the most notable current 22 in the NHL. Others include:  Todd Marchant (ANA),  Troy Brouwer (CHI), Jordin Tootoo (NSH-yes, Tootoo wears 2-2), Ville Leino (PHI, Leino Lounge (c) TPL), Trevor Lewis (LAK), Anthony Stewart (ATL), Dan Boyle (SJS), Cal Clutterbuck (MIN), Paul Mara (ANA/MTL), and Brad Boyes (STL/BUF).
  • The number of regulation losses by the Red Wings this year.
  • Detroit's power play is at 22.1% on the season.
  • Trivia Question: Which Red Wing is 22nd all-time in points scored for the Wings with 362? (Hint: It's cold in here)

Trivia answer: Shawn Burr. Yes, the hint was brrrrrr. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

  • The atomic number of titanium, atomic symbol of "Ti". Only use the first letter. You should have the week-long spelling quest completed...although most of you had this a while ago.
  • Catch-22: a novel, a movie and a punk band.
  • The 22nd Amendment set the term limit for a US President.
  • Presidents, you say? 22nd was Grover Cleveland, who spanked Abe Simpson on two nonconsecutive occasions. 
  • Betty White was born in 1922.
  • In 1922, the California grizzly bear, Barbary Lion, and Amur Tiger all became extinct. 
  • Most half-hour block TV shows run 22 minutes without commercials. Hey, I DID learn something in Broadcast Management.


Your turn.