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V Reasons West Coast Games are the Devil

As usual when we play these games that start about 20 minutes before dawn, I'm only going to give V reasons rather than the usual X.  It's just too bad the league doesn't listen to my idea about starting these games sooner.


Your V Reasons are just a hop, skip and a jump away...

I - I know it's been said elsewhere, but our PowerPlay was downright TERRIBLE.  It wasn't even just bad bounces or unlucky breaks.  We were actually bad.  Bad shot selection, bad pass selection, bad hustle.  I think I know what the next practice is going to focus on.

II - Jimmy, you deserve better than that.  I counted, in the 2 periods I actually saw, at least 3 different game savers.  You carried the team last night, it's just too bad you aren't allowed to skate past center with the puck.

III - That was the WORST penalty shot call I have ever seen.  Even Jim Joyce saw it and thought "WTF game are you watching?"

IV - 2 penalties on faceoffs.  I didn't even see Z's.  I don't think anyone did, including the ref.  Which makes it even more puzzling why there was a penalty called.

V - You know it's not going to be your night when the only goal you score is from BEHIND the redline.