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404 Error: Red Wings Not Found

This is the face that best sums up the night.
This is the face that best sums up the night.

404 Not Found.

The Web server cannot find the hockey team you asked for. Please check to make sure you didn't type "Toledo Walleye" or "Grand Rapids Griffins". 

Please contact the Gordie Howe Anteater if this problem persists.



  • Complete lack of effort in all zones tonight. Eastern Zone, Central Zone, Mountain Zone, Pacific Zone. No matter which zone you watched this game from, you can agree that it was a horrible effort.
  • Hey, if you only count from 0:00 to about 18:00 of the first period, then the Wings would have scrapped a point out of this sucker in a tie! What's that? There's 42 more minutes in a game? Quit playing!
  • In a weird, weird way, I'm glad this happened. This team needed a wake-up call badly. This is their hospital in the middle of the mountains where they go visit their collective father on his deathbed and then pull a pinwheel out of a locked safe.
  • I don't even know what else to put in here, but I'm just continuing to type to meet the word requirement.