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V Reasons Shark Bites Can Be Fatal

Well, this is the end of the California games for the season.  Well, at least until playoffs when the schedulers will ensure that east coast games are on the weekend and the west coast games are during the week.

Anyway, I've got your V Reasons coming up after the jump.


I - I saw only about the first 10 minutes.  And I don't want to say the Wings came out flat, because I don't think they did.  I just think the Sharks came out flying.  They did a good job of coming out fired up and really carried the play.

II - I can't blame Joey Mac for any of the 3 goals.  The first 2 are off deflections, one of which he got a pretty good piece of.  The last was just a fluke.  He came out and played the puck away from the oncoming forechecker, who then proceded to get lucky when he threw his stick up to block it. Do it 9 more times, and it would result in 0 more goals.

III - Without Joey standing on his head, this game was easily 6 or 7 to 1.  He made some pretty spectacular saves to keep this from getting out of control and definitely gave his team a chance to win it.

IV - Interfering with the goaltender's ability to see the puck (i.e. SCREENING) is NOT goaltender interference.  This is basic level 1 reffing stuff, which makes me wonder how these refs got all the way to the NHL without knowing the rules.

V - I really don't want to face the Sharks in the playoffs.  I'm pretty sure when Todd McLellan left, he stole Babcock's entire playbook.  The guy just has our number and almost always seems to have his team better prepared to play us, than we are to play them.


Next Stop: South Winnipeg on Saturday to face the Coyotes at 8pm.