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H2H2 Pledge Update: One game left

Last night's game against the Sharks ended in a loss but a total of $450 was raised through the TPL pledges for the Children's Hospital donation at H2H2. In all, the TPL pledges have raised $7,409 and that number will go up against the Coyotes tomorrow night. The game against the Coyotes is the last game for pledges at TPL. However, just because the pledges end doesn't mean you can't continue to donate directly. You have until March 11th to donate outside of the pledges.

So what can you do?

If you haven't donated directly yet, you can...

go to and make a direct donation


go to and buy a shirt with a $5 donation built in


go to and buy a WIIM shirt with a $5 donation built in


(perhaps the most fun) go to and get one last game pledge in.

And to those that have donated already, we (everyone involved in this whole effort) greatly appreciate your generosity and willingness to help out some kids. Can't thank you enough. To borrow a line from our friends at The Production Line, hockey fans are the shit. Thank you all and let's keep this thing going right up until the very end (again, that's March 11th).