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Puck Daddy's Dmitry Chesnokov Chats with Pavel Datsyuk

Wyshynski's Eastern European expert and all-around awesome guy Dmitry Chesnokov of Puck Daddy posted an article today of an interview he had with Detroit's own Pavel Datsyuk.

Datsyuk is always good for a funny line or two in his interviews, and he doesn't disappoint here.  The great thing is that his lighter side shines through on what is a very intelligent man who often has great perspectives on the North American game.

Some highlights:

But what exactly is the secret that the Red Wings are amongst the favorites to win the Cup every year?

Well, if I tell you all the secrets, then it won't be Detroit anymore.

 Then, when asked about the chances of winning his fourth consecutive Selke Trophy, he had this gem:

Do you think Ryan Kesler(notes) will win the Selke Trophy this year?  Isn't it your trophy?

It's not my trophy. It's Selke's trophy.

There's plenty more to the article, but I don't just want to scoop the whole thing.  Head over to Puck Daddy to give it a read.