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X Ways To Finish With A Bang

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Well, the pre-season is done.  And after 82 games, we get on to the ones that matter.  It only takes 16 wins between April and June to secure your place in history, can the Wings put their name on that silver chalice a 12th time?


Follow me after the jump as we run down the final game of the season.


I - Once again, the Wings tease us with that team we know is a juggernaut.  We've seen them play unstoppable hockey, we know no team in the league can beat us when they do.  But we're still left pondering - which will it be?

II - Phoenix.  Why do we always have to play Phoenix?

III - To the Minnesota fan taking a golf swing behind the Stars bench - you do realize your team has had this morning's 8am tee time reserved for about 2 weeks, right?

IV - Congratulations to UMD on their Division 1 National Championship.  Now if they can duplicate that in the pool, they can add another.

V - Holy Dangles Datsyuk. 

VI - Still waiting on word from the league on whether they are reviewing Justin Abdelkader's hit on Brent Seabrook.  Hoping for fine only, won't be surprised at 2 games.

VII - His 8th best scoring season ever.  His second best power play season ever.  And his -2 may be what keeps him from racking up another Norris Trophy.  Just doesn't seem right.

VIII - Chicago's maintenance department needs to be fired.

IX - Apparently, even Ric Flair wouldn't have been able to draw a high sticking penalty yesterday.

X - Up next: Wednesday, 7pm.  Phoenix Jets Winnipeg Coyotes Arizona Blackberrys Phoenix Coyotes @ Detroit Red Wings.  GAME 1.