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X Ways To Rig A Game

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1 down, 15 to go.  There is only 1 goal this time of year and 1 path to get there.  It always seems that first win is the hardest.  There's a nervous tension amongst the fanbase about how that first game is going to go.  So it's nice when game one comes, we grab it by the throat and we take it for ourselves.  Get that one out of the way, and we look to game 2 and scream BRING IT!

Follow me after the jump for game 1's X Ways...

I - A tale of 3 periods.  The refs screwed up the first, the Wings thoroughly dominated the second and then sat back and picked their spots in the third.  Overall a good game.

II - Jimmy looked a little hesitant early, but he settled in nicely.  He plays like this and we're done in 5 tops.

III - I know  Kader was excited about avoiding Lex Luger's finisher Shane Doan's body slam, but he's got to let go sooner.  He just hung on too long for the ref to let it go, and Doan wasn't biting on getting drawn into anything. 

IV - Kronner is looking for that highlight reel check.  I just hope he doesn't pull himself too far out of position going for it.

V - Happy Face >>>>> Doan Face

VI - The Magician provided a very necessary kick tonight.  He got us on the board and carried the energy of this team.

VII - Consistency would be nice.  The refs broke up any flow the game could have had in the first period, but then let that standard go by the wayside in the second and third.  Pick a standard and stick to it.

VIII - Lidstrom was second to last in ice time for the defense.  That is likely the last time I will have to worry about making that point.

IX - Bryzgalov weak on the blocker side?  Franzen and Rafalski both went that side, and he barely reacted to either one.  It'll be interesting to see if the Wings continue to shoot that side (and if they continue to go in).

X - Next game: Game 2, 1 pm on NBC.  Advice - find a radio and mute your TV.



XI - It's the playoffs, so we'll throw some bonus material at you and take a look at the other games from last night.

XII - Great break for the Capitals.  Ovie's tying goal was a great candidate for an intent to blow controversy.  And great job by the ref to be on top of the play.

XIII - 2-0 shutouts by Pittsburgh and Vancouver.  Didn't really expect either one, game 2 in both series should be very fun to watch.

XIV - Is it me, or did Chicago look like they were just happy to be in the playoffs?  They showed almost no fight whatsoever last night. 

XV - Saturday, my girls get to watch their first Wings game.  Though I'm pretty sure they'll sleep through most of it and won't remember at all.